Migros Loyalty Retail Kiosk Network

Engaging with 10 million consumers in over 800 retail locations

  • Solution architecture
  • Backend platform and frontend application development
  • Setup tool






Web, Kiosks


WPF( windows presentation layer )


Migros is Switzerland’s largest retail company, its largest supermarket chain, and largest employer. It is also one of the forty largest retailers in the world.

The challenge was to develop an innovative customer-engaging solution to be deployed at retail locations all over Switzerland to increase loyalty and revenue. The solution would run on kiosks, playing game-based loyalty campaigns, all synchronized and managed centrally. Kiosks were equipped with a barcode reader and a printer, providing the input and output formulas for connecting with the Migros business by reading shopping ticket barcodes and providing wins through printed vouchers.

Over ten million plays a day

The greatest challenge was the need to create a distributed system that was simultaneously remotely managed, upgradable, and flexible. Migros could, at will, connect, disconnect, upgrade, and deploy different game mechanics for each kiosk, store, region, or all of Switzerland.
This was implemented through a two-tier client architecture; a kernel component that would act as an ‘operating system’ and applications (games and other applications) that would run on top, all connected to a centrally managed back office.

This back office not only manages running applications but also monitors the health of each kiosk, providing alerts, and handing off issue management to the support team.

Migros could program when, where, and which applications would run in each kiosk. Between campaigns, Migros kiosks would be used for other functions, like Digital Signage, an application provided by this solution in the application library.
The solution also needed to be highly performance-based since campaigns were concentrated in time, and, on peak days, there were around 1,000 kiosks in the system generating over ten million plays per day to the backend.



Increasing loyalty and revenue

Exposing customers to a positive brand interaction immediately after a purchase increased basket size and number of visits.


Plays per day peak usage

+10 million

Kiosks scattered through Switzerland, running the solution


Development time

<1 year

Game mechanics and other applications in the library


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