DPD's Customer Portal

Where DPD's customers can manage shipments, schedule collections, track & trace and much more

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Strategy, UX/UI Design, Development






The main goals of the project were:

- Update the technology used in the customer portal
- Ensure better system performance
- Align the portal's UX/UI with the graphic guidelines of the DPD group
- Create a centralised event management system for tracking shipments
- Create API to ease integration with DPD customers' own systems
- Ensure an adequate system of profiles, roles and permissions
- Integrate the new portal with other DPD systems

The DPD customer portal plays an important role in the relationship of DPD's customers with DPD. 

And, in many cases, with their own customers as it is through the portal that many Business customers access daily to manage all shipments and collections that their business requires. Additionally this customer portal is also available for individual customers who wish to make shipments through DPD, paying online and receiving their invoice.

One of the main challenges of the project was the assessment of the operational flows and of all business rules to be considered and implemented, as well as the required integrations with all DPD internal systems. Besides the frontend of the customer portal, Innovagency was also responsible for the development of the Backoffice for user management and some contents and configurations, as well as the Backend component that besides feeding the portal allows that through an API the DPD customers that wish to do so, can directly integrate their systems with the services provided.

In parallel and to ensure better performance and isolation of tracking events that users can access through the portal, the project also included the development of a system that works as a repository of events associated with shipments and collections.

Additionally, through the new portal, it is possible to import bulk shipments and collections from files, as well as access, through a very complete system of permissions, the detail, life cycle and historical events of all shipments and collections created in the portal and also created in other DPD systems.

Besides the functionalities related to dispatches and collections, the portal also provides its users with a dashboard with activity counters, information about reimbursements of collections made by DPD, access to information about invoices and integration with the incident management system, among others.