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Finally, more than one million Portuguese see the promotions that interest them most

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Sonae Continente


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Portuguese super- and hypermarket customers love promotions and discounts. However, to get the best deals, they must keep an eye on the retailers’ flyers. If each flyer can contain over 1,000 products a week, it’s not easy to plan the week’s shopping in the middle of so many retail brands. Would it be possible to combine big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques to generate a fully personalized flyer for each Continente Card customer? When Innovagency was faced with Sonae Continente’s challenge, we built a solution that generates over a million leaflets every week, fully personalized and unique to each customer, with the best product offers on promotion. It is as if, every week, more than a million different websites are developed and presented to customers.

A winning project that attracts more customers to the shops weekly and increases satisfaction and the average ticket

To develop this project, Innovagency initially created a proof of concept to allow us to explore how the combination of data generated a brochure. It was a simple solution, but one that allowed us to observe the test group of consumers were happy to find the relevant products. The next step was to transform the concept into a more solid project.

The software architecture had to be easily scalable, quick to process, and efficient in managing all the information. Additionally, it was necessary to assess a solution without cookies, integrated with other information channels, and aligned with the most advanced advertising practices. Therefore, the structure would have to be very flexible.

By including an audience of several hundred thousand users in our pilot, we could evaluate how to improve the whole experience and further optimize the code. To do this, we built a proprietary analytics system and a feedback feature that the user contributed to weekly so we could fine-tune the intelligence of the tool.



From hundreds of thousands to over a million totally unique leaflets generated weekly

Over two years, Continente’s Personalized Leaflet has been a significant milestone in Portuguese and even worldwide retail. The winner of two effectiveness awards, one gold and one silver in the retail and innovation space, it was also recognized as the best personalization project in the Modern Retail Awards 2021, an international and industry benchmark award.


Personalized leaflets generated monthly

+4 million

Active customers

+1 million

Products and promotions processed every month