Digital Strategy

Designing meaningful digital strategies

  • Digital transformation
  • Research
    Digital business modeling
    Digital strategies roadmaps
    Change management
  • Digital solutions experience strategy
  • Business analysis
    Customer journey mapping
    User experience strategy
    Functional definition
    Roadmap to execution

  • Design thinking & innovation
  • Understand users
    Define needs
    Ideate solutions
    Prototype & test

From ideas to relevant digital solutions

We help our clients find and exploit new growth opportunities through innovative digital solutions that foster new relationship standards with their customers, clients, partners, employees, and, the market.

To design successful and meaningful solutions, first we must know the business, its market, the targeted users, along witg their needs, pains and expectations and the technological framework. We have several user research techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, that we use for field work and user familiarization.

We help brands explore new possibilities and generate new ideas and we innovate to solve problems and seize growth opportunities. We evaluate these and showcase the most valuable. We use techniques such as brainstorming, ideation sessions and the value proposition canvas.

We design customer journeys that contribute to elevating the relationship experience and helping meet users’ needs. We redefine the customer journey to maximize value for both the client and the brand on all touchpoints and channels. We use the customer journey mapping tool.

We respond to business problems by designing digital strategies, customer-centric strategies that drive value by redefining value propositions, solutions and relationship models. We design sustainable business models that drive effective digital business transformation.

The solutions we design should not be static. Continuous improvement and evolution are key to adapting to users' changing needs. Digital solutions provide us with a great capacity for monitoring their usage, allowing us to optimize, evolve, and update to keep the solution relevant.

Our M.O.

Understand the problem

When state the problem and why it matters, it becomes clearer to everyone what has to be done. The problem statement briefly describes the need, gap or problem to be solved.

Know the user and the market

In order to design successful and meaningful solutions, we must know the business, its market, the targeted users (their needs, habits and expectations) as well as the technological framework.


Explore new possibilities, generate new ideas and design new solutions. Evaluate them and make the most valuable stand out. This process can be applied for innovation, product creation or updating existing solutions.

Prototype & test

Prototypes make ideas tangible. Making concepts more real allows us to understand what does work and what doesn't. User testing - analyzing users when interacting with the solution - to understand the ease or difficulty with which they meet their needs, as well as their satisfaction in interacting with the solution.

Monitor and evolve

Digital solutions should be always evolving, adapting to new evolutions. Continuous improvement are key to adapt to user and market changing needs. Using customer interactions data and market insights to monitor the solution usage and drive optimizations, evolutions, updates to maintain relevancy.

Our Philosophy

Ask lots of questions
Good data don't lie
The user is always right!
We run the last mile
Make it relevant
“Differentiate" yourself
Focus on value creation

Software and technology we use

Workshops & collaboration
  • Teams
  • Moqups
  • Invision
  • JIRA
  • Pen & paper
Data analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Firebase
Wireframes & user flows
  • Moqups
  • Coggle
  • Miro
Interviews & tests
  • Teams
  • Optimal Workshop
  • Google Optimize
Documentation production & management
  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Sharepoint

Combining capabilities for a unified experience


UX design
UI design
User research & testing
UX workshops
Design systems

Web solutions

eCommerce websites
Portals, intranets & extranets

Mobile solutions

Native apps
Hybrid apps
Outsystem apps
IoT integrations
AR solutions

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