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Placing the customer at the center through data value

  • Marketing automation
  • Unified data
    Personalized journeys
    Engage cross-channel
    Targeted audiences
    Task automation
    Predictive intelligence - automated decisions based on data
    Marketing analytics
    Social media management

  • CRM
  • Centralized customer data
    Full visibility
    Lead management
    Sales performing
    Customer service automation
    Reporting and accurate analysis

From B2C and B2B to a 1-to-1 relationship

Build a single view of your customers, integrate data from any source, and make it actionable. Track customer behavior and combine it with profile data.

The marketing automation database offers an in-depth perspective on prospect and client behavior. It tracks and connects common data such as customer behavior on the website, engagement with email campaigns, shares and likes on social media, and every moment with marketing, sales, and customer service, allowing you to create a Single Customer View.

Every customer is on their own unique journey. Trigger timely, unique, and meaningful messages based on real-time customer behavior.

Reach customers with 1-to-1 messages, whether you send 10 or 10 million. Sending relevant messaging based on customer preferences and behaviors drives engagement.

Create seamless customer experiences by delivering relevant content across every touchpoint, including email, mobile, advertising, the web, sales, commerce, and service. Identify the moments that define the customer journey and use them to power 1-to-1 relationships.

Create segments based on profile data to inspire engagement. Segmenting prospects and communicating with each group in a way that’s relevant to their interests via the right channel builds trust.

Connects every step a customer goes through in the build-up to making a purchase, as well as long-term loyalty-building activities.

Cut down on manual processes and the amount of memory juggling that goes into paying personalized attention to business. As automation is more commonplace, it becomes more widely used, helping teams complete more tasks in less time.

Marketing automation is powerful because it saves time and scales your efforts, and also eliminates small but time-consuming tasks such as segmentation, sending generic messages, or scheduling events manually. This increases marketers’ availability to work on more productive projects.

Predict the best offer, product, or content for each individual customer based on user profile, browsing activity, or the number of interactions with your brand across all channels — automatically.

Every data matters. Measure the impact of your business and optimize every marketing interaction. Make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics.

Stop letting important interactions go unnoticed. Monitor and prioritize conversations and publish to social networks with the same tool used to create campaigns.

Listen, engage, and publish using a powerful all-in-one social media marketing and management suite — and connect enriched social data to marketing, sales, and service.

Drive advertising across search, display, and social media at scale. Power 1-to-1 advertising, using data to reach customers wherever they are.

Place the perfect ad for the right person by integrating advertising with the rest of marketing, sales, and service. Find new customers with lookalikes and drive customer acquisition campaigns while capturing leads.

This is where a CRM system comes in, giving an entire organization a single, central source of easily accessible data that can drive sales success rates and increase customer retention.

Customers have gone digital-first, and marketers must be data-first to engage with relevance, personalize every moment, and build trusted customer relationships.

View of entire sales and marketing engagement and service on a clean, visual dashboard. With detailed reports on sales activity, customer service management, and marketing engagement, never be in the dark about how your business is performing.

An intelligent CRM system will quickly sort and prioritize leads so your sales team can respond to them in a timely, efficient manner.

It’s essential to know what sales teams are doing and how they’re performing. A good CRM solution not only tracks what’s going on with business it also helps see where extra resources should be allocated while helping accurately forecast future sales.

CRM systems can keep all data in one easy-to-access place, making up-to-the-minute reporting and accurate analysis a breeze.

Our M.O

We start with the discovery phase to learn the needs and ambitions of the client, so we can present the most suitable marketing automation and CRM solution for the business and assist in beginning the path to power a 1:1 customer journey.

We setup the solution

We start initial set-up and configuration to ensure ready to use, with an incremental roadmap and adding complexity and intelligence step by step. In less than a month, the teams will be able to use the main features and reach quick wins.

We enhance the conversion of your business through the Marketing Automation and CRM solution

Through our experience, we build a process based on a single customer view, customizing the various moments of relationship along their journey and in the most diverse channels. Together with the client's teams, we create segmented and ultra-personalized campaigns, following the process from definition to monitoring and evolution.

We help team adopt technology

We reduce the learning curve of the client's teams, involving them from the beginning, following their evolution and promoting good usage practices.

Implementing the tactics and customers journeys will be more than programming and configuration. It will be the right time for the client to acquire knowledge, understand how it works and understand its full potential and capacity.

Our Philosophy

Data first
Every data matters
Humanize every moment
Relationships for life
Every moment counts
Automate everything
Data-driven content
Be relevant
Test & learn

Software and technology we use

Marketing automation
  • Salesforce MC
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • CRM Salesforce
  • HubSpot CRM

Combining capabilities for a unified experience


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